1100 AD

1100 AD

We are inviting everyone to participate in a new Knight Battle that is going to happen today! This time we will choose 7 main winners! After the battle all players will receive prizes to their battle servers! Don’t miss out your chance to become a serious competitor and show your resolve in winning great prizes!
Server policy – all-out war, but you can take your trusted companions with you, to help in battle and bring you closer to victory!

After the end of the battle we will choose 7 winners:
– The top winner will be the player to conquer unique town in the centre of the contour! When the town will be captured, the game on this server will be stopped and the next winners will be decidied! Contour will be opened after 2 game weeks.
– Second winner will be the player who captures the most fortresses!
– Third winner will be the player who kills most of the enemy troops!
– Forth winner will be the player who kills most of the location defenders!
– Fifth winner will be the player who explores most quest locations!
– Sixth winner will be the player who collects the most gold in gold mines!
– Seventh winner will be the player who collects the most achievement points!
The companions of the winners will also get valuable prizes for supporting the winner! Everyone has the chance to prove himself, so don’t miss yours! Full reward list will be published later.

Server Rules:
1.The battle will happen on the totally new server that will become available on 12th of July at 11:00 in the server list.
2. Server will stop and won’t be available to players as soon as the final town will be captured. In case there is no capture of the town, server will stop on the 9th of August at 12:00.
3. Diplomacy of the server – everyone vs everyone or teams vs teams.
Participants can go into battle alone or in a team of 3 players. In order to create a team, team leader must create an Order and invite his companions there.
4. At the moment of stopping the server winners will be decided using ingame TOP statistics.
5. In case one player has BOTH of the first places in two TOPs (for example for killing enemy troops and for collecting most gold), then winners will be decided according to TOPs priority.
6. After the server is stopped the reward for the player will be given to that account (login), which was used in battle with the option to name server where the reward should go to. You cannot receive the reward on another account.
7. All conflict situations that may arrise during the game will be evaluated and resolved by Administration.

Technical configuration:
1. Library cannot be built.
2. City control points are limited to 15 (1 is given after registration and 10 is given as a bonus) + players have the option to use crowns, which makes the maximum number of towns for one player – 15.
3. Location control points are limited to 30 + players have the option to use banners (штандарты).
4. All mercenary locations have 3-level system. All mercenary locations can be built.
5. Time for capturing castles and locations is decreased.
6. No new player quests.
7. Contours cannot be built.
8. Super autoban will be enabled on the server, that will be able to spot cheaters no matter how cunning. Players caught cheating will be removed from the server and will get additional ban for 3 days on their battle server. Fixed fights are considered cheating. Play fair.
After the end of event we will also award players that are the best in certain TOPs according to the decision of Administration. Names and awards will be published with the battle summary. Awards will be given to players’ battle server.
Good hunting!



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